Oprah Winfrey once said that “forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past can be changed.”  I have practiced yoga, meditation, and studied what the Buddha has taught on suffering, for more than a decade. About eight years ago, I began teaching yoga as a hobby.  Then, I left my successful career in advertising to teach yoga full-time because I thought it would be totally rad to pretend I was 21 again.  For two, long years, I managed two large yoga studios, led too many teacher trainings, and enjoyed having my soul sucked out of me. Once the LSD in the Kool-Aid I drank before work each day wore off, I am relieved to be rid of a company that believes first in money and second in “speaking your truth” — so long as it agrees with “their truth” because “their truth” can kick “my truth’s” ass!

Recently, I realized that I still cling to the idea that my past should be different. I have to admit there are days that I still check the studio’s schedules only to experience flashbacks of the unreasonable demands that have placed on many managers within the organization. The result is that I see the growth opportunities that now lay ahead of me for the future, and I am grateful I no longer have to manage the severely undereducated teachers trying their best to fulfill the studio’s mandate to “Bring the Sexy Back” to yoga. Last time I checked myself, before I wrecked myself, yoga was never sexy to begin with…..

In the meantime, I try to stay focused on the present moment. There are so many wonderful and amazing things that happen in the world around us that we usually miss. We are so busy thinking about what just happened or what will happen that the elephant continues to sit in the room, eats all of your food, and poops in the corner. And I am talking about some weird s**t that occurs in the world around us. So, get out of your head, take a look around once in awhile, notice the elephant and scoop up the poop for God’s sake – it stinks!