News Flash: I actually agree with someone!

Or rather it is my broken ass body that would agree with this recent article in the NY Times Magazine (which many of you have undoubtedly read and debated).  Considering the fact that Yoga was taught exclusively to 13-year-old Indian Boys for hundreds of years before the British colonized the region, maybe we could consider the notion that Yoga is indeed NOT meant for everyone………..

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body

Danielle Levitt for The New York Times
Members of the Broadway cast of “Godspell” do their flexible best. From left: Uzo Aduba (doing the wheel),
George Salazar (extended-hand-to-big-toe pose) and Nick Blaemire (headstand).

2 Replies to “News Flash: I actually agree with someone!”

  1. I must be one of the 95% that it's stated, is not meant to be built for yoga (mostly us in the Western hemisphere) because I'd gotten forearm tendonitis (treated only with first aid) that still twinges on damp days over a year and a half later from when I'd been in a relatively mellow Himalayan Masters-style class.Yet, I still am doing yoga … a lot … but the thing is, it's a fusion style mostly, and I've edged away from it into other mind-body disciplines …

  2. Tina – I think I mostly practice a fusion as well – the physical practice has become far less important to me these days than the mental and spiritual part. And my body is very grateful!

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