It’s Friday!

And you ain’t got no job…and you ain’t got shit to do!  Oh wait……I recently landed a REAL job!  That’s right, a J-O-B.  Now, this job allows me to work from home,
make my own hours and be own boss, which is pretty much what I have been doing
for the past year and pretty much the only kind of job I think I will ever be
able to manage holding, but now I get paid – yo!  I seem to piss too many people off when I
work with others – which is what my grade school teachers always told my
mother…hmmmm….some things never change, I suppose.

This also means that I haven’t had time to write like I used
to and I sure as shit don’t have time to run around the ‘hood and stalk the
crazies to get pics and tell you all about them.  But, it’s Friday and right now I ain’t got
shit to do, so I am sending you all a fond hello from the 904 with a quick 411
on the shizzle in this hizzle.  Sooo…..I
am working for an extremely Republican, upper echelon, affluent publication
that is all about buying expensive shit, going to expensive places, and living
in expensive houses.  I wake up and laugh
about the irony of life most days.

Speaking of shit….all of the shit I own is currently on a
truck and heading to the new digs I am squatting in here in downtown
Jacksonville.  Christmas is comin’ early
bitches!  While I am not overly thrilled
with the fact that I am going to live in this shithole of a city (and yes I
realize that I have now written the word shit 8 times in three paragraphs – and,
you know this about me, man!), but I miss my shit (make that 9) and I realized
that I am not a very good nomad.  Do you
realize that it has been almost two years that everything I own has been in a
storage unit in Denver?  Hence why I am
throwing a “I’m getting my shit back” party all weekend long!

Conveniently enough, the city of Jacksonville has arranged
for 100,000 of my closest redneck friends to join in on the fun because they
planned the epic Florida vs. Georgia foosssball game right down the street from
my new digs!  Every white trash mo’fo’
from 100 mile radius has made their way into downtown and shut down the streets
with their trailer’o’crap and BBQ.  That’s
right…there are 42 trailers DOWN BY THE RIVER! 
(FYI – I live on a river people….learn your geography).  And thanks to my saint of a mother, I am
squatting in her loft DOWN BY THE RIVER….until that shit sells….(oh make that
ELEVEN magical shits….well, 12….at least now we’re at an even dozen….)

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