Gas Pump Love by Chevara

Man 1: mid 40’s clean shaven, wild afro, flannel shirt, jeans, Reeboks
Man 2: early 70’s, 5 feet tall, three shirts, stained jeans, Timbs

Man 1 calls out: Hey Pocahontas!
Man 2 asks: That’s yo real hair, right?
Man 1: All Indians have real hair.
Man 1: Hey, is that hand sanitizer? Man, I sho’ like a clean woman! Can I have some?
Me: Of course, I say and squeeze two squirts in his hand.
Man 1: Here’s a gift for you – I just bought it – it’s reeeaallll lucky (crumpled lottery ticket with his name and number written on it)
Man 2: You remember James Brown?
Me: (Laughing) Yea, I remember James Brown.

He busts a move while singing “Ain’t it Funky.”

Man 1: Don’t get too close to Pocahontas now…you might scare her off.
Man 2: You scared?!
Me: No, what’s your name?
Man 2: Sheldon. Nobody calls me that, but my mama.
Me: What would you prefer I call you?
Man 2: Call me tonight, Pocahontas. Call me tonight!

Dances off singing James Brown.

Gotta love Kings Road revelry (only in my ‘hood)!