I am inspired by the divine power in all human beings to create the world they live in. The only reality is the reality you create through love and appreciation. The greatest gifts I can offer are joy, love and devotion to my friends, family and students, to see them learn more about their true Self……and a snarky sense of humor.

I believe in learning. I believe in exploring. I believe in sharing. I believe in education. I believe in becoming better. These are just a few things that I believe define me. Yet, above all, I believe nothing is definite. Every day we are given the opportunity to break the rules and grow.

Learn new things and new ways of thinking.  Learning helps to keep the brain active. Challenges create opportunities to find us to learn compassion and humility. The ability to change, to adapt, and to grow are important components when thinking about how to interact with the world in a meaningful way.

I received my formal education in Marketing and Business Management. However, it is through life experience, hardship, appreciation, and love that I found more inspiration for my writing. Having both creative and analytic skills gives me the opportunity to explore the world from a broader perspective. Traveling to new places to see new things changes us, and when we return home, we are able to perceive the world in a different way.

I travel the world to experience new cultures, to discover more about myself and the world. It has given me the chance to be fearless and test my boundaries, to push outside of my comfort zone. Travel has allowed me the freedom to be open to new ideas and new ways to approach writing – and each new story begins with the joy that comes from riding the spirit of a new adventure.

I started practicing yoga roughly 15 years ago and began teaching over six years ago. I left a successful career in advertising to teach yoga full-time because I thought would be totally rad to pretend I was 21 again. After managing two large studios in Denver, leading numerous teacher trainings for beginning to advanced instructors, and relishing in the effects of having my soul sucked out of me, I gave up teaching yoga in a corporate environment and went back to advertising.

Many choose to accept what they have been given, while others forge their own paths. These days, I enjoy the freedom that comes from moving beyond the bonds of security.