News Flash: Gun Reform does not equal Prohibition

Since its inception, the Constitution has been modified 27 times. The document was written to provide the original framework for a government in which all states felt they were given an equal voice with respect to laws established by a national congress. During its ratification process, the states also demanded amendments to the Constitution that …


Thought for the Day: May the Lord Give them Peace

I haven't sleep well this week.  I kept waking up in the night, thinking about the Edwards family.  That poor family.  Not just their family, but all Black families.  Saturday night, they lost their son to senseless gun violence.  They lost him to police violence.  They lost him because he was being a teenager while black. …

News Flash: Hypocrisy knows no bounds

"The most serious and unaddressed worldwide challenge is the deprivation and abuse of women and girls...largely caused by a false interpretation of carefully selected religious texts and a growing tolerance of violence and warfare, unfortunately following the example set during my lifetime by the United States." -- Jimmy Carter in A Call to Action